Custom Black DLC Coated Rolex Watches From Time And Gems

Time and Gems timepieces based out of Los Angeles specializes in the auction of superior pre-owned Rolex watches of all varieties. They accept newer models as able-bodied as some acutely harder to acquisition best models. I got to Visit with the Time and Gems afresh to appearance their massive accumulating watches as able-bodied as to analysis out their newest project. Over the endure few years one of the hottest trends has been adapted Rolex watches. These abatement into two capital categories; the modification of new , and the modification of pre-owned Rolex watches. I currently accept a bit added acceptance in the closing as they are an honest attack to "breathe new life" into pre-owned models, and because they accord Rolex lovers new visions of their admired timepieces. Modifying Rolex watches is absolute difficult. Humans yield for accepted the awful adult processes that Rolex itself uses to accomplish and absolute anniversary watch. The akin of accurateness and superior ascendancy that goes into anniversary watch advancing out of Montres Rolex is impressive. To them yield that and adapt it with a adequate akin of superior is absolute difficult. Especially as modifiers don't accept admission to the aforementioned technology or accessories that Rolex does. What I am aggravating to say is that not all adapted Rolex watches are created equal. It is important to aces and accept those with are done well. Getting a adapted Rolex watch is ambrosial appealing. Handling them myself I got ambrosial aflame about them. It is like demography something ultra accepted and trendy, and giving it a appropriate aberration that makes them unique. The newest adventure from Time and Gems is a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated band of Rolex watches that are in all atramentous cases with the aboriginal swiss replica watches dials (to assure quality). The cases are the aboriginal Rolex cases that accept been distinctively coated with the ultra boxy material. You can bang on the hotlink aloft for a bit added advice on DLC. In short, the absolute is absolute blemish aggressive and abrasion resistant. The accomplishment is a array of matte. Time and Gems calls it "stealth finish." It mixes absolutely able-bodied with the by itself dark, high-contrast tones of the dials. The after-effects are decidedly impressive, and for a lot of humans they are something calmly accustomed as absolute desirable. Time and Gems offers six DLC covered pieces initially. These are custom made, and there may be alone one of each. Distinctively fabricated for acute Rolex enthusiasts. Time and Gems will acceptable be accessible to plan with audience who are absorbed in alive with them to actualize their own different adapted Rolex watches. Let's yield a attending at what they accept able initially. Anniversary of these watches is currently for sale. I am told that anniversary of the watches are Rolex models dating from 2000 or later. The newest archetypal is acceptable the Rolex Milgauss (with the alarming blooming brave azure crystal). It is the newer Milgauss archetypal and all aboriginal with a appropriate DLC blanket over the accomplished case and bracelet. Like all of these watches, the caseback is in the aboriginal accomplished steel. Three added modded models are a Rolex GMT Master II, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner anniversary with aboriginal locations and DLC coated. A new eyes of archetypal in a bolder atramentous tone. They are 100% identifiable as Rolex watches of their corresponding models, but in black. You do wish humans acquainted them as absolute Rolex watches of course. There are again two added models that yield the modification abstraction a bit further. First is a absorbing arrangement of a Rolex Explorer II in all atramentous DLC with red blush activated into the engraved numerals about the bezel. It has a arresting aggressive aggressive attending that balances able-bodied with the red atramentous GMT hand. It wasn't simple for Time and Gems to admit the red blush into the bezel - something I accept they are always alive to perfect. Even added absorbing is an all atramentous DLC coated Rolex Submariner with a absolute carbon cilia dial. The action complex removing the aboriginal Rolex dial, and press a carbon cilia punch with the able text. Next, the aboriginal hour indicators and easily are reapplied. Prices for these adapted Rolex watches are reasonable. Certainly abundant beneath than the Rolex watches that are new and modified. I bulk it is apparently best to let a "live a little," and again adapt it for annular two of its administration on someone's wrist. Prices for the pictured models ambit from $6,000 - $9,500. Highest is the new Milgauss model. Costs absorb the bulk of the aboriginal watch on the acclimated bazaar additional the acute bulk of plan that goes into the modification. Time and Gems is abstraction up to be of the a lot of absorbing places for adapted pre-owned Rolex watches. They of advance aswell accept a abounding accumulating of original, un-modified Rolex watches at their disposal. Bang actuality to buy or apprentice added about this new DLC coated Rolex watch accumulating at Time and Gems. It is important to agenda that Time and Gems is not associated to, or affiliated with Rolex in any way (as is the case with all just pre-owned Rolex dealers or modifiers - be it for new or acclimated Rolex watches).